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Jeff Porter
[2003 to present]

Jeff Porter was born in Panama and moved 20 times by the time he was 18. He first performed Scottish dances at the age of ten, appearing in a traditional Scottish kilt. As a teenager, living in Oklahoma, he attended Native American Tribal Powwows and performed Fancy Feather dancing with complete regalia.

As an adult, he moved to San Francisco for graduate studies at the San Francisco Art Institute where he received a Masters of Fine Arts. For twenty years, he formally studied different dance techniques and has performed with a number of companies as well as directed, choreographed, authored and produced a variety of shows. For ten years, he served as an Artist in Residence in public and independent schools and was honored as a California Arts Council Artist for four years.

In October, 2001, he took a clogging workshop from Matt Ellinger and was surprised to find that clogging incorporated a lot of his previous dance experience into a dance form that was exciting and challenging. He leapt into clogging with both feet and began attending BCC rehearsals in 2002. Jeff has worked in photography, film and design studios in Switzerland, Germany, New York and California. Now he works as a teacher at the San Francisco Friends School.