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Dan Goldes
[2004 to present]

Dan Goldes grew up in Sebastopol, CA.  He is a native Californian who has lived in San Francisco since 1983. He spent a few years square dancing as a kid, and was in musical theatre through college. He has dabbled in several types of dance (tap, ballroom, modern) for very short periods.  In 2001, he asked a friend to take him country western dancing at San Francisco's Sundance Saloon on a whim - and he was hooked.  

As for the Barbary Coast Cloggers, he first saw them perform at the Ethnic Dance Festival in the late '80s and loved the enthusiasm and athleticism. In June 2003, he discovered their public clogging classes. 

When asked what drew him to become part of the group, he responded, "I love seeing people smile when they watch dance - and that's what happens with BCC. It's also what happens to me when I'm dancing (except when I'm learning a new step). Clogging is like a new language for me - it's challenging and satisfying, pushing me both physically and intellectually." 

Dan works for the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau and is an uncle to four nieces (one of whom is an award winning Irish dancer).